Premium Eye Attire Curated for the Bold, Edgy, and Confident

Because Boring Sunglasses are Always a NO.

Why Choose EyeDentifeyed?

Curated /kyo͝oˈrādəd,ˈkyo͝oˌrādəd/ Adjective – selected, organized, and presented using professional or expert knowledge.

Curation is the ART of creating something new, coherent, and meaningful out of an abundance of related information and ideas. (That means we invest an insane amount of time weeding out THOUSANDS of sunglasses, just to bring you the most badass styles to be found anywhere that meet our hard-to-meet guidelines for stunning, stylish, unique, and bold, to save you the time, energy, and frustration of searching high and low for sunglasses with enough personality to roll with yours!)

Curators embrace a method, a skill and passion that cannot be replicated. Curators are bold, charismatic, fearless, and willing to take risks (and make mistakes). Curators see around corners, embrace and expose unusual and unexpected themes and sources, and make bold predictions about their passions and beliefs. (That means we go HAM with every detail to ensure we have the most badass, distinctive, and hard-to-find styles available for your every occasion, mood, and outfit!)

In short… EyeDentifeyed curators (buyers, visionaries, and designers) have selected only those styles that the genuine EyeDentifeyed client will embrace, appreciate, and desire. Not everyone will understand your need to have your sunglasses exhibit a certain… cache, individualism. Not everyone knows that your eye attire should evoke a mood, boost your confidence, and make you feel amazing every time you wear them. Every item we stock is a “head turner” and meets our approval for style, quality, craftsmanship, fierceness, boldness, and plain ol’ “coolness” – and meeting the approval of the EyeDentifeyed team is no easy task.

Take comfort in knowing that all EyeDentifeyed premium Eye Attire utilizes top quality materials that mean comfort and durability, in addition to meeting or exceeding established FDA and CE guidelines for eye wear. Our products are tested and hand inspected for quality - if it doesn't meet expectations, you'll never see it.

We're serious about our #sunglasses.

About Us

Melissa Parks

CEO & Founder, Designer and Curator

There is nothing worse than boring sunglasses - except seeing the same boring sunglasses everywhere, in every store, on every face, over, and over, and over… and over. NOT cute. Definitely not fashionable. And completely unacceptable.

EyeDentifeyed is an original brand imagined and founded by Melissa Parks, a passionate lover and life-long student of fashion, food, and events. The brand was born from the vision of and desire for fierce, fabulous, and distinctive eye attire that is of exceptional quality and craftsmanship, fairly priced and NOT emblazoned with huge, ridiculous logos of overpriced brands. EyeDentifeyed stands for quality, individualism, and confidence.

“I became obsessed with sunglasses a few years back but didn’t fully appreciate this obsession until I noticed I had 40+ pair! My sunglasses have to match my fashion and my personality – unique, bold, stylish, and full of character that stands out. The basic, ordinary styles found anywhere and everywhere will never make the EyeDentifeyed cut. Every single pair has been curated, created, and specifically chosen for our discerning clientele. The EyeDentifeyed client does not accept looking like everyone else, instead choosing to proudly showcase an individual style and make a statement every single day.”

EyeDentifeyed is a Tennessee-based small business, launched in Fall/Winter 2020, and is a 100% Woman-Owned and Black-Owned Business.

Returns - Shipping - Q&As


EyeDentifeyed DOES NOT offer refunds at this time.

Any qualified returns we accept will be refunded in the form of store credit to be used on future purchases. The store credit will be equal to the original order total MINUS original shipping costs AND a 20% restocking fee. By completing a purchase with us, you agree completely with, fully understand, and accept in full this policy.

EyeDentifeyed does not cover return shipping. Any return shipping and costs incurred are the responsibility of the returning party. Insurance is highly suggested – in the event the return does not reach us OR is damaged in transit, no store credit will be issued. EyeDentifeyed cannot be held responsible. Returning party is encouraged to seek remedy with the shipping service.

Returns must be received within 7 (seven) days of delivery date. Product must be in its original packaging, unused and unworn, with all accessories and original tags and/or wrapping in place. Items purchased at a sale price are not eligible for return. Items purchased with discount or promo codes are not eligible for return. Items that have been worn or that have tags / packaging / labels removed are not eligible for return. Items that have not been received by the 7th day of receipt (by returning party) are not eligible for return.

3-pair and 5-pair sets must be returned with all pairs, all accessories, and all packaging in excellent new, unused, and unworn condition.

Returns are reviewed upon receipt, and any product that does not meet the above criteria will not be accepted or credited. EyeDentifeyed reserves the right to refuse any return for any reason. Please allow 7 to 10 days for your return to be processed.

To request a return, please email EyeDentifeyed promptly upon receipt of your order with your reason for return, and to receive the return address for shipping.

Order Not Delivered / Returned to Sender

If your order is returned to us as undeliverable, a 20% restocking fee will be deducted from your refund. If we issue a refund it will be minus the restocking fee and any shipping cost.

Please double check your address for accuracy before placing your order.

By completing a purchase with us, you agree completely with, fully understand, and accept in full this policy.


All orders normally ship within 2 to 3 business days. Orders we receive on Friday afternoon can be expected to ship by the following Tuesday. Though we must provide these estimates that are based on multiple factors, we continue to improve on shorter processing and packing times. 

While we strive to get each order out promptly, it is advisable to EXPECT PROCESSING DELAYS OF UP TO 5 DAYS and SLOWER-THAN-NORMAL SHIPPING TIMELINES because of the current world shortages and delays.

USPS, our main shipping partner, is experiencing delays. For the most accurate information regarding deliveries to your area, we recommend checking with your local carriers and/or governments to see if deliveries may be restricted or disrupted, affecting the estimated delivery date for your order.

EyeDentifeyed does not ship on Saturdays, Sundays or US holidays.



Your order should arrive within 7-10 business days.


Tennessee, where EyeDentifeyed is based and headquartered.


We currently ship within the United States, to Canada, and most anywhere else.


Standard shipping within the United States and to Canada is F R E E on orders of 99$ or more.

Standard shipping within the United States and to Canada is 8$ for orders of 98.99$ and under.

International shipping costs as well as Expedited shipping is quoted at checkout.


EyeDentifeyed stands for quality, individualism, and confidence. Our #sunglasses are curated specifically to have enough personality to match your own. And that's saying something...


EyeDentifeyed passionately believes that the styles you love look best on you!

If we’re being technical, it’s widely believed that square frames look great on round faces, square or round frames really complement oval faces, most any frame shape works beautifully on heart-shaped faces, and round frames are amazing with square faces. Fortunately, EyeDentifeyed has many styles, shapes, and shades to satisfy the most discerning clients, with new styles being introduced regularly.


Polarized lenses have an additional anti-reflective coating that help make your vision more comfortable by reducing reflected light, such as glare from the sun. Basically, polarized lenses block horizontal light waves. Not everyone loves a polarized lens, so you’ll find the majority of our styles are not polarized.

UV400 is the term that describes the amount of coverage your lenses offer your eyes. EyeDentifeyed sunglasses offer UV400 (UVA and UVB), providing 100% protection of your eyes from the beautiful, bright (but harsh on our eyes) sun.


Once we receive and confirm your order, it is set and being processed. Just submit a new order for whatever you forgot to include and send us a note letting us know. If the second order is going to the same location and used the same payment method as the first, we will try our best to combine the orders into one shipment for you!

Be EyeDentifeyed by your commitment to self, health, and well-being...

Be EyeDentifeyed by your desire to stand OUT, stand UP, and be DIFFERENT... 

Be EyeDentifeyed by your promise to always be and love exactly who you are...

Be EyeDentifeyed by continuing to be #BoldEdgyConfident...